License Renewal Application

~ Online Renewal is Open! ~

Log into the Licensee Gateway, click on your Active license, & select Renewal under "Options" > Click Here

If you will no longer be practicing dietetics and/or nutrition in North Carolina, you must still request a change of status in your Gateway account.

You have two options:

Relinquish your license
If you believe you will not return to practice dietetics and/or nutrition in NC again, then you may want to Relinquish your license. Once relinquished, should you want to practice dietetics and/or nutrition in NC again, you will have to reapply for the full fee of $175, along with completing a criminal background check, which costs $38.

To submit a Relinquish request, please log into the NCBDN Gateway , click on your license, and select “Relinquish” under your Options.

Go “Inactive”
Inactive Status is only applicable to those who are currently Active with an expiration date of March 31st of the current year. Inactive status puts your license on “hold” (you do not pay the yearly renewal fee) until the time you wish to reactivate. At that time, you only pay the current year’s renewal fee of $75. Once your Inactive status request is approved, you may not practice dietetics and/or nutrition in NC, utilize any of the protected titles, or work in a non-exempt position.

To submit an Inactive status request, please log into the NCBDN Gateway , click on your active license, and select “Inactive” under your Options.

If you are already Inactive and wish to Reactivate, or are Relinquished and wish to Reinstate, please log into the NCBDN Gateway, click on your existing license, and select the appropriate application under "Options."